Career Services

At Willtech Solutions we understand all of the intricacies that are involved when one is trying to successfully Navigate a Career. We understand it from both sides of the fence actually. It is with this understanding that we have developed the tools to help make this journey a successful one. This is not the same Job Market that our grandparents and parents knew. It is now a common practice for someone to need to change Jobs for one reason or another several times in a career path. The days of landing that dream job where you ride off into the sunset of your career after a 25 year run with one company are a thing of the past. That being said we feel that the best way to have consistent success is to make sure you are always prepared as best as you possibly can be.  One should always have a strategy in place just in case. This strategy is what we have honed as a process to ensure the best possible results.

Strategy for Success

1. Career Opportunity Identification

2. Resume Writing

3. Interview Preparation

    What to ask              

    What not to ask              

    How to handle the money question

4. How to handle a counter offer

5. How to resign properly (If needed)

6. Relocation Information (If needed)

7. How and why to use electronic social media (Linked in, Facebook, Twitter etc.)

8. Mechanisms for remaining motivated in your search
9. No nonsense conversations to determine what your motivations for making a job change are

"We take pride in a personalized approach to every individual we work with. Communication and in-depth understanding of both corporate and candidate sides of professional placement are keys to our success. The sensitivities of both technical/hard skills as well as cultural/interpersonal factors are critical in making the appropriate, professional match. As such, both corporate clients and candidate contacts have come to expect targeted results from us. We enjoy working with individuals on the presentation and communications messaging of their career and independent profiles. We look forward to extending our professional outreach into our networked, digital media marketplace. We also offer essential career and interpersonal consultancy in an increasingly competitive, impersonal economy."    HFW 2013

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