Willtech Solutions Inc. utilizes a Full Life Cycle Recruiting approach to finding the best talent available for our clients. Full Life Cycle Recruiting is a 360˚approach to recruitment which enables your hiring process to run smoothly, more efficiently, and results in the best candidates to fill your staffing needs. This process is successful while performing Retained, Contingency or Consulting services search assignments. Our Full Life Cycle Recruiting service is ideal for organizations that do not have internal staffing resources, companies looking to reduce the time-intensive impact on existing staff, and for businesses that are looking for a direct hire resource.  We can handle as much of the recruitment process as you would like. We have years of success in staffing a wide variety of positions for a wide variety of industries.

How It Works                     

StrategyOur process begins with understanding your organization, your staffing goals, and the immediate job opening.

We develop a recruitment strategy with your specific needs at the center of our focus. Identifying the components of

each position that are most important to your organization and developing a strategy to reach the best candidates to meet

those needs.
- This is where we put that strategy into action.  Utilizing the best sourcing strategy for your organization might include traditional and non-traditional, on-line and off-line approaches to target candidates who are the best match to

your needs.

Skills Assessment
- Candidate information is then screened against the key accountabilities (identified during the strategy phase). We speak with selected candidates to further confirm their background, experience, and skills are a good match to the position and to your organization. The skills assessment phase not only includes interviewing, but can also include job-related skills testing and workplace behavioral profiles.
- The top candidates are selected and presented to you. We will review each candidate with you for your input, and do the leg-work to schedule candidate interviews with you and your hiring team.  Final decision on candidate selection is always up to you - we just take the headaches out of the process!
Additional Services
- As part of our Full Life Cycle Recruiting service we offer additional services such as criminal background checks, employment verification, educational degree confirmation, and reference checking.

Our Process

Recruiting Process Life Cycle Approach (RPLC)