Hank Williams III -Recommendations

   "Henry is an amazing recruiter and more importantly, a great human being. Hank takes great pride in making sure that he can fit an employee to a specific role and more importantly, if he can't he will tell you that. So many recruiters that I have seen are just looking for that commission check, not realizing what a change will do to an employee his/her family.  Hank doesn't and never will operate that way. I would absolutely recommend Hank to anyone who is looking for a position Because I can trust that Hank will do the best for the recruit."

Andy Malburg

Network Manager at Centrilogic

   "I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with Hank. He has been a great mentor in my professional growth and has become a very good friend. I used to think of Hank as my competition in the industry and now I am lucky enough to have him on my team. He has taught me things that have made me a better recruiter. Hank shows such dedication to his career and is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. He finds candidates like I have never witnessed by any other recruiter and his ability to network is astonishing. He shows a genuine interest in always doing what’s best for the client or the candidate. I am amazed at how many people he knows and how many people reach out to him on a weekly basis. Hank isn't just a recruiter but a career counselor and that is where he adds value time and time again. I feel like I am on a dream team working with Hank."

Bert Munk

Staffing Consultant at TxMQ

   "Hank is a personal mentor of mine and I value his advice and wisdom. He is passionate about his work and is a great motivator. He has a focus and is driven to succeed, and those around him often learn how to do the same. One of his best attributes is his loyalty to his colleagues and friends, and I am no exception,we've been friends for over 20 years."

Eric Majchrzak

Shareholder and Chief Marketing Officer at BeachFleischman PC

   "Mr. Williams is a fantastic sole. His compassion for people and ability to do the right thing far supersede any business association. I have known Henry for 15 years and would highly recommend him as an upstanding individual of impeccable moral character. He is a person I would trust as a man, which at his own expense, would still do the right thing."

James A. Mirusso

G4S Security Officer

   "Hank Williams is as reliable as they come. He has an extensive network and does an excellent job of matching skills sets with a business requirement. What sets Hank apart is his willingness to listen to the customer and provide the right resource on a timely basis. I asked Hank one morning if he knew anyone in the Healthcare field that I could speak with. He arranged a luncheon that day with an expert. He just comes through in the clutch."

John Elie

Director, Healthcare Services, Inergex Inc.

   "Hank is an excellent communicator and very professional. As a Recruiter, he has a keen eye for talent and I have personally benefited from the individuals that he recruited at Inergex. Those individuals are still with our company and continue to help us grow. I think Hank is a man of great character and integrity. Hank understands technology and he has the skills to enhance your business."

Joseph Schneider

Sr. Systems Consultant at Inergex

"Henry was a terrific asset and colleague to me. He consistently provided me with outstanding project opportunities and, more importantly, with highly skilled, top-performing job candidates. My team is full of people that Henry suggested to me. - Thank you Henry!"

Sean Erickson

IT Manager at Inergex

   "I am not surprised to see that Henry is well-thought of and performing very well in his current career. He is passionate, focused, diligent and persistent - and he has a great sense of humor. With those attributes how could he miss at being a great asset for any organization? My background with Henry extends back to the time when he was a hospitality and restaurant professional. I worked for him, I worked alongside of him and I was a patron. Always he performed with high energy and alacrity. Usually he made the difficult look easy, even though it wasn't. Seldom was he stumped.
As a restaurant owner, general manager and a chef, Henry raised the bar for standards to superior guest service all the while endeavoring with the heart of
a lion. Henry is a fine leader, a leader who allows the ideas of his team and staff to develop and creativity to flourish. He is the consummate professional."

Tim Caster

Event Services Director – Radio City Music Hall

   "Hank is one of a kind.  Over 30 years, I have observed and admired his unflappable composure, wholehearted dedication and staunchly rooted ethics. There is never a question about his commitment to what he undertakes nor is there a moment to wonder about the elbow grease he'll put behind it. Personally or professionally, his character shines through, and I would never question his ability to accomplish any task if he says he's up to the challenge. He's just that reliable."

Christine Pyne

Fellow Student and classmate at Buffalo State College

   "I had the distinct pleasure of working with and learning from Hank while at Systems Personnel. Dedication and hard work will take you a lot of places in a role but when you couple it with the intelligence and insight that Hank possesses you develop a brilliant combination of skills, hustle, integrity, and results. It is my professional goal to someday be the Master Recruiter that I witnessed in my 5 years working with Hank"

Larry Thomas

Vice President of Operations at Willtech Solutions Inc.

Larry Thomas -Recommendations

   "Larry Thomas has his finger on the pulse of EMR hiring all over the USA.
I found Larry to be very professional and quick to respond."

Tom Conlon, MBA

Principal Trainer at Alego Health

   "I worked with Larry on two occasions and I have to say that he is one of
the most upstanding individuals I have met in the consulting world. He is very honest and professional and dedicated to his work. He has lots of contacts
​and was able to secure several interviews quickly for me. I look forward to working with him again."

Deb Caputo

Senior Consultant at Leidos Health [formerly maxIT Healthcare / SAIC]

   "I have found Larry Thomas to be a pleasant, generous person who is never afraid to take on a challenging task. He has been one of my most dedicated recrutiers keeping me informed of progress with organizations on a regular basis. Larry is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. He prepped and gave me advice prior to each interview. If given the opportunity, I would work...more with Larry"

Fatima Abbas

Epic Training Manager

   "Larry as a recruiter is at the top of hIs game! Despite being a seasoned consultant, I found that Larry's interviewing tips were indeed helpful and helped me land a job that was a pivotal role towards the future of my consulting career. He does what he says, keeps the client informed and comes through on time. I hope we run into each other again in the future."

Dmitry Agranov

Radiant, Orders, Security Coordinator certified. ClinDoc cert in progress.

   "Larry has been a wonderful resource over the years for advice and wisdom on current Epic trends and opportunities. His professionalism and honesty is first class. I would recommend Larry to any company looking to gain great resources or to any independent contractor looking for new opportunities.
Thanks Larry for your great support and enthusiasm for this industry."

Christine Alexander, RN
Senior Project Manager with HCTec

   "Larry is an absolute professional in his field! Detailed, knowledgeable, goal oriented, friendly and maintains the highest degree of customer service.
​I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future."

 Deanna Poe
Senior Associate Healthcare IT Advisory at Price Waterhouse Coopers

   "In the beginning of 2009, Larry was a great resource for me when I was looking for projects which needed consultants with electronic medical record expertise. He was always prompt with keeping me informed of the latest leads and had many good suggestions for ways in which I should position myself to find a good client match."

Joshua Tanz

Sr. Consultant

   "It was a pleasure to work with Larry. He was very professional and was able to place me at my current job. I would recommend Larry to anyone who is looking for a job in the health care industry."

Chris Boehm

Lead Clinical Analyst at St Francis Hospital and Healthcare

   "Larry is knowledgeable about the healthcare industry and seeks out information regrading current trends. He has a natural sales ability and his people skills keep him on top of his game. His desire for success and understanding of his clients needs makes him a true professional."

Lynda Booth

HR Advisor at American Red Cross

   "I highly recommend Larry as a strong, experienced sales manager. His constant determination to find and help new clients blended with his strong abilities as a recruiter blew me away and in turn, helped me succeed, both professionally and as a person. Whether it be in the staffing world or in daily life, Larry's a real go-to guy!"

Evan Cominsky

Certified Application Counselor/Marketing Rep at Fidelis Care

   If I found myself in a life-or-death struggle, I’d sure want Larry on my side! In terms of his profession, Larry is an all-star account manager, willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Or, in his case, get the job filled with the best IT talent in the Health Care Industry."

Eric Sabadasz

Veterans Claims Examiner at Department of Veterans Affairs

   "Larry is sincere and dedicated to his role. He actively looks out for his clients best interests and spent the time needed to discover my future goals and which employment opportunities I am searching for."

Michael Lynch PMP, CSM

Regional Workflow Consultant - Business Optimization at Kaiser Permanente

   "Several years ago I had the extreme pleasure to work with Larry while interviewing for a position within the North East. Larry is always a pleasure to speak with and is consistently looking out for his candidates."

Stephanie Small

Sr. Consultant Epic HB/PB/Charge Router

   "Larry placed me at Cleveland Clinic and was a pleasure to work with. He was informative, but not pushy, in presenting me with this opportunity. He kept in touch during the assignment and represented my interests well during contract extension discussions. Larry is very easy to work with, very competent, and I would enjoy working with him again in the future."

Charles Staggs, PMP

Sr. Consultant / Integration Architecture AC at University of Miss Medical Center

   "Simply put Larry Thomas is one of the smartest, hardest working and most innovative Business Professionals I have ever known. I had the pleasure of working with and for him for several years. He is a man of integrity that I learned a great deal from and he continues to be a close colleague to this day. He is a subject matter expert in his field."

Hank Williams III

President at Willtech Solutions Inc.


Dmitry Agranov
Radiant, Orders, Security Coordinator certified. ClinDoc cert in progress.