Direct Hire

Companies Large and Small rely on direct hire services to grow and replenish their resources internally as well as for project-based work. Willtech Solutions Direct Hire services are tailored to meet the immediate needs of your organization. We have developed several effective strategies to connect you to the best and brightest and most talented Professionals. It would take no time for us to recommend candidates with qualities specific to your needs. Spell out your direct hiring needs and Willtech will customize an effective solution for you. 

Contract Staffing

For those companies seeking to access talent and tweak their workforce as per their cyclical needs, Willtech offers flexible, effective and short/long-term contract staffing solutions. With the help of core, well executed recruitment processes, we have access to an extensive database of skilled contractual workers available at affordable pricing. If your projects need immediate resources, count on us for quality, quick time line, with no employee-related costs. 

Contract-To-Hire Staffing

Do you require staff with experience on live, long-term projects for immediate deployment? Willtech Solution’s Contract-To-Hire solution offers you a flexible approach to hire quality contract resources and convert them to permanent employees at no additional risk or cost to you. We have a current, extensive database of skilled workforce available for deployment at your hour of need. 

Outsourcing Solutions

If you are a small to medium sized company, identifying the right staffing solutions for your organization is crucial to the success of your business. Willtech Solutions can do an upfront analysis through our outsourcing division. This fulfills your immediate work force needs at a fraction of the cost. We customize solutions based on factors such as quality, cost of hiring, specific needs etc. So, seeking our services will benefit you on all counts. Get in touch with us at to leverage our expertise in formulating the right outsourcing solution for you.

Executive Staffing Solutions

All growing and thriving organizations require an effective leadership team to achieve optimal performance. The challenge of finding the right senior executives to fill these critical talent needs is best achieved with the support of a firm with a demonstrated track record of identifying and recruiting top talent. To be consistently successful in today’s incredibly competitive war for top leadership talent means that the best executive recruiting firms need to have well-defined, time-tested, and market-proven processes in place that have consistently demonstrated the ability to produce top talent. Furthermore we recognize that central to any successful hire is the ability to effectively evaluate the right “FIT” between candidates, the Position in question and the “Culture” of the organization.